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Encyclopedia of fabrics of Nordwestfur

Encyclopedia of fabrics of Nordwestfur

Nordwestfur company presents about twenty models of functional and utilitarian men’s and women’s parkas and jackets. Our parkas and jackets are different not only by design and colour, but shell fabric as well. We have intentionally selected different materials depending on the conditions where the clothes will be used. In order to choose an optimal variant of clothes for you we offer you “The Encyclopedia of fabrics of Nordwestfur” which our parkas and jackets are made from.

Winter jackets and parkas Expedition and Siberia

They include men’s parkas Extreme Winter Expedition, Extreme Winter Siberia and women’s jackets Active Winter Expedition, Active Winter Siberia. Shell fabric of these parkas and jackets consists of polyester and cotton, a so called “blended fabric”; the exact fabric composition is 35% of natural cotton and 65% of polyester. The main distinguishing trait of this material is that it does not crackle or stiffen in the frost. It is a valuable trait because the jackets may be used from minus 10 to minus 50 degrees. The fabric is very dense and solid, it protects perfectly from wind and snow. One more peculiarity of this material is its easiness to take care of. All the pollutions are easy to wash away in a usual household washing machine. Herewith the form of clothes keeps unchangeable even after repeated washings.

Parkas and jackets from this fabric are not just supposed, but they are purposely created for regions with severe frosts.

Winter jackets and parkas Extreme Winter and Active Winter

These models have shell fabric which is 100% polyester. We have intentionally selected this fabric as it perfectly suits the frosts up to minus 30 degrees. Its peculiarity is that it can bear not only wet snow, but a heavy rain as well: the fabric will not soak through and will protect its owner from water. Herewith the material is very solid and high quality. It does not blow through by the wind, and the outfits made of it will be good for regions with mixed climate when in winter there may be both the frosts of 25 degrees and the thaw with rains. It will be comfortable in this outfit anyway. The fabric is easily washable, does not deform and get dry quickly.

Between-seasons and summer parkas Storm and Breeze

The composition of these parkas is 65% of polyester and 35% of cotton. Due to this composition the fabric “breathes”, so it will be comfortable in these parkas even if the weather gets warmer. These parkas are supposed for the temperature from +20 to -10 degrees. The peculiarity of the fabric is that it is windproof, and can bear a weak rain. It is an ideal combination for those who buys clothes for short trips and long travelings. Polyester does not fade in the sun, and will be bright for the whole useful lifetime. Granting there is cotton on fabric composition the jacket will not have burnt through holes from fire sparks. The care for these parkas is minimal: a simple machine wash is enough for the parkas to get an original appearance

Between-seasons jackets Classic, Elegance and Comfort

Shell fabric is 100% polyester. This material is of high quality, it has a faint noble gleam which makes the models to look fashionable and presentable. The jackets from this material are essential both in city and in the country. The material is waterproof and windproof. The jackets from this fabric are supposed for the temperature range from =5 to -15 degrees. One more characteristic of the material is its lightness. The fabric is solid enough, keeps form well. It is easy to take care about and bears repeated machine washes.

March 07, 2018