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Why is it advantageous to work with us?

Why is it advantageous to work with us?

What are the shops or showrooms owners concerned about most of all? Whether the products they buy will be sold or not, certainly. And so that whether they will earn money. It is such a difficult choice now and then! The jackets of which brand, colour and size is it better to bargain? How not to lose with quality and price? It is a familiar situation, isn’t it?

In order to simplify your choice as much as possible we have thought out the answers to the most wide-spread question: “Why will it be advantageous to work exactly with you?”.

  • We have high quality products! We produce functional, classic jackets and parkas. For you it may become an entry into a new market. The audience of travelers, tourists, thrill-seekers and so on. And now, when healthy lifestyle is so popular, there is a great deal of such people.
  • We offer a lot of additional services. We have an opportunity to make our models of non-standard sizes, fit them to the clients’ measurements. It is a very actual service: usually outwear is manufactured by standards, and it often happens that the sleeves are either short or long, neither fatness nor thinness are taken into account. And we solve these problems. And you will never be able to say no to your client because of the size failure.
  • We render an advertisement support. We will place information about your shop or showroom on our web platforms. We will write about you in social networks, we will advertise you on our web page. All the above will bring you new customers.
  • We provide you with a two years guarantee for all our products. It means if a zipper or a button breaks, a color of manufacturing defect is found out, any other problems appear, your customers will be able to apply to us directly under the guarantee within 24 months. There are not so many manufacturers at this end of the market in our country who are so sure in their products quality.
  • You can make an order either as a legal entity or as a private person. Anyone may be a wholesale customer, as we respect and appreciate all our customers.
  • You may attract also corporate clients in your city. By your order we will make the logos of any companies on our jackets, we will produce models in any corporate colour, we will accommodate other wishes of your customers.
  • Working with us you may buy any models, of any sizes in any quantity. You don’t have to order the whole model range. You may buy only bestselling in your shop colours and sizes.
  • Now we are working over how to accelerate the orders delivery as much as possible. If an ordered jacket is available in your showroom we will buy it out and send it immediately after the order. This way the customers will be able to get jackets and parkas asap, and you will push up the sales out of your city as well.

Nordwestfur company is always open for any offers from clients. You may start our business with us. It will be a beneficial cooperation which will bring you profit. And an operating business with Nordwestfur is always easy to take to a new level, to make it more profitable and to win more loyal customers.

Our outfits are indeed high quality, actual models which need minimal care, are hardwearing, and prove themselves to be excellent in the very different weather conditions.

Please, contact us, and we will definitely come to agreement. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask them!

May 11, 2018