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A parka and a wind jacket: two outfits for summer

A parka and a wind jacket: two outfits for summer

Summer in the central part of Russia, and indeed countrywide, is more and more unpredictable in these days. It is quite cool in the evenings, and in the afternoons sun does not always treat us from the sky. Therefore now both men and women include into their summer wardrobe not only shorts, dresses and other light clothes, but also more warm and utility ones.

Parkas and wind jackets will be perfect for summer – these are universal and reliable things. They will be useful while camping, having picnics and nature trips: in case of unforeseen rainfall or just for evening gatherings around the campfire. Moreover, parkas and wind jackets are necessary for hunters, fishermen and those who are fond of picking mushrooms and berries. They are comfortable, they protect from wind and rain, to cut a long story short, they are just essential things.

Why are we telling you about both parkas and wind jackets Nordwestfur? Can’t we manage with only one variant? Unfortunately, no, we can’t. The matter is that the characteristics of material for parkas and wind jackets are distinctly different: in case a wind jacket is useful, a parka will not be always useful, and vice versa. Below we will tell you about the difference between these two models which are presented in our online shop in various colours for both men and women.

Men’s and women’s parkas for spring/summer/autumn

The main difference between parkas and wind jackets is a fabric. In parkas it consists of Tomboy® fabric, which includes natural cotton as a compound. So it won’t be hot in a parka, it will be pleasant to wear it. Even in case of a hard physical activity, running or fast walking it will be comfortable and not hot in a parka. Herewith a parka protects perfectly from wind and cool air.

A dense fabric keeps warmth, so in this parka it will be comfortable even at the temperature up to 5 degrees below zero! One more advantage of this fabric is being very wearproof. A parka will easily resist loads, will not tear if you get hooked on a sharp stone or a twig by accident, a fabric with cotton will not get on fire by a spark. You may wash it in a washing machine without any soaking or hand-washing. Even after repeated washings the parka will keep its form and colour, will not stretch out or shrink.

The only nominal disadvantage of a parka is that you cannot stay in it in the rain for long. Cotton, no matter there are only 30% of it in fabric, will not protect form rainfall, and so it won’t be good for high humidity. What can you do then? You can buy a wind jacket!

Men’s and women’s wind jackets for spring/summer/autumn

A wind jacket is made of fabric which does not include cotton, but consists of polyester only. Its main characteristic is being waterproof. So you will be afraid of no rain in a wind jacket. Certainly, this model is essential for summer. Especially, if summer is foreseen to be rainy.

In a wind jacket it will be comfortable in any weather, it will protect not only from rain, but from wind, too. But a weak point of a wind jacket is that a synthetic fabric conducts air badly. So if the weather is just cool without rainfall you will feel more comfortable in a parka than in a wind jacket because of the self-ventilation system.

In all other respects a wind jacket is similar with a parka: it is as much convenient, furnished with four pockets, two of which are inside ones, both models have a hood and a high collar which protects your neck. Moreover, a wind jacket is easily washable, and gets dry even sooner than a drip-dry parka.

Both models are convenient, they are light and utilitarian, you may put it even into a small bag. So we recommend you to buy them both. They do not cost much, but you will definitely use them. Reliable and comfortable men’s and women’s parkas and wind jackets are your best protection in spring, autumn and summer.

May 15, 2018