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Little things which are not so little

Little things which are not so little

Nordwestfur company offers outwear for all the seasons. The main principle of our work is attention to little things. To be more exact, when manufacturing clothes there are no little things for us at all! We draw careful attention to each stitch, to each curve of your future jacket. And, of course, the quality of garment accessories means a lot for us!

For all our products without exception we use only high quality garment accessories from well-tried brands. Each one was tested carefully. By such a way only we could find out which garment accessories were able to bear all: severe frosts, wind, snow, and rain.

Now for our jackets, parkas, wind jackets and vests we are buying garment accessories and zippers from three famous brands.


It is a Japanese company, one of the leaders among the garments accessories manufacturers in the world. The company started with manufacturing zippers, and now this brand produces other garment pieces as well. But still zippers remain their main business – YKK has more than 70 factories all around the world. They produce different types of zippers: transparent, stretchable, waterproof and flexible. All the leading clothes manufacturers are dealing with them. Innovative Japanese technologies make the quality of garment accessories perfect.


It is a Greek company. It is also one of the most popular among clothes manufacturers; hundreds of manufacturers are using its garment accessories. The company is more than a half century old, for this period of time the art of creating real masterpieces from buttons, snaps and hooks has become perfect. We buy from them necessary garment details, in particular, snaps, touch and close fasteners, and are entirely sure in their quality. As well as BIG-accessories themselves are sure in their garment accessories perfection, what is regularly confirmed by signing new and new contracts with reputed brands.


Trading mark Arta has been conquering the world since 1854. The company is in Baltic States, it is the largest company which produces very different garment accessories following not only international, but ecological standards as well. We buy from Arta zippers: they are distinguished by increased strength, they never fail.

As you see, Nordwestfur company draws no distinction between small and big details which the clothes produced by our brand consist of. There are no little things for us, we take care of the fabrics quality as scrupulously as of fabrication, and garment accessories, of course. Our clothes will not let you down in any weather conditions. It may be confirmed by the fact of two years guarantee for all our outfits.

May 21, 2018