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Nordwestfur Brand

Main principles of the brand:


We use only high quality materials to make our parkas and jackets. From fabrics to accessories, all components are selected primarily for reasons of reliability. It is important for us that our parka or jacket does not fail you because of a broken zipper or unreliable buckle. We carefully check the quality of our parkas and jackets before offering them to you. Besides, we provide a 2-year warranty for all our parkas and jackets. This makes our customers feel protected if over time they find hidden defects when wearing our products.


Durability of our jackets is a result of using high quality materials. Our parkas and jackets retain not only their consumer properties, but also their good looks for a long time. Durable things save your money and help in solving environmental problems. Instead of throwing your things away every year, you can wear them for several years, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.


A simple classic design is a distinctive feature of a Nordwestfur parka or jacket. A timeless style staple, it emphasizes your individuality and looks equally natural in a business urban environment and away from civilization, on hikes and travels. A simple design of our jackets contributes to their reliability. Each and every detail has been checked and rechecked and is in its right place. There are neither decorations, nor marketing "bells and whistles". We do not come up with catchy names for the fabrics and accessories. Nordwestfur parkas and jackets are like food of an austere traveler — a piece of meat with salt cooked on campfire. Nothing superfluous, and that is why even more attractive.


We make our parkas and jackets not for the fashion shows; our buyers appreciate the functionality of our clothes. Just exactly what you need — not a single excess detail, not a gram of excess weight. We've thought it through to the smallest detail, so you don't even need to think about how comfortable your parka or jacket is. They have easily replaceable knitted cuffs and inside collars. Lots of pockets. Deep warm hoods. Our rational parkas and jackets are easy care. They can be washed many times.

If you need a comfortable and reliable outfit that will not let you down in cold weather, choose our parkas and jackets! Simplicity, reliability and functionality — these are the most valuable features in winter clothes. And we embodied them all in the Nordwestfur parkas and jackets.


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