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Nordwestfur Brand

The main principles of the brand:


We use only high quality materials for the manufacture of our parkas and jackets. From fabrics to accessories, all components were selected, primarily from considerations of reliability. For us it is important that the parka or the jacket did not let you out of broken zippers or unreliable buckles. We carefully check the quality of parkas and jackets before offering them to you. In addition, we provide two-year warranty for our parkas and jackets. This allows our customers to feel themselves protected if hidden defects will be found over time during the use. 


The consequence of using quality materials in our jackets is their durability. Parkas and jackets not only retain their consumer quality for a long time, but also their appearance. Strong items save you money and help in solving environmental problems. Instead of throwing away your items every year, you can wear them for several years, thus making a contribution to preserving the environment.


A simple classic design is a distinctive feature of Nordwestfur parkas and jackets. Out of time and fashion, they are emphasize your individuality and equally organically look both in businesslike atmosphere and in the urban environment, as well as away from civilization, in hikes and travels. Simple design of jackets is also a guarantee of reliability. All the details are verified and each one is in its place. No decorations or marketing “features”. We are not inventing loud names for fabrics or accessories. Nordwestfur parkas and jackets are as food for harsh traveler - a piece of meat with salt, cooked on fire. Nothing in excess, and therefore more attractive.


We produce our parkas and jackets not for fashion shows. Customers appreciate the functionality of our clothes. Just what we need, not a single superfluous detail, not a single gram of excess weight. We thought out all the details so you shouldn’t even think about how comfortable your parka or jacket. They have easily replaced knit cuffs and the inner part of collar. A lot of pockets. Deep thermal lined hoods. Our practical parkas and jackets are very easy to care for. They can easily withstand multiple washing.

If you need a convenient and reliable equipment that will not fail in cold weather – choose our parkas and jackets! Simplicity, reliability and functionality: that is what is most valued in the winter clothing. And we have realized that in parkas and jackets Nordwestfur.