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High quality things help to save nature

May 30, 2018

You do not need to perform some global feats to take care of our nature. It may be very easy to improve the ecology and the environment. Do not throw the wrappers, and if someone throws it - pick it up. Do not park in the green lawn. Do not buy plastic bags which are biodegrading within decades for each separate product, and to use eco-friendly bags.

Do not buy cheap things which will break up in one or two years and will go to the dump site increasing there the number of the same bad things, but try to buy a high quality thing which you will be able to wear for more than 10 years. From the point of ecology buying high quality things is becoming more and more popular. On the one hand you buy truly good clothes from an excellent fabric, and on the other hand you take care of our nature.

For example, parkas and jackets Nordwestfur can be worn for a very long period. Those who buy them do not need to change them every year, and so each our customer contributes into our nature! It is so easy! To throw the batteries away into the special places, to buy high quality things, not to rubbish! If everyone decides on quality and attention, at least a minimal attention, to our environment, our world will be cleaner. And we will be better.