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The offer for the corporate customers

June 05, 2018

Nordwestfur company accepts the orders for the production of jackets and parkas of corporate colours. If you wish we will make our products in your company colours or colour combinations. We can also furnish the models with the reflective elements and logos and locate them on the outfits in the exact places where it is necessary.

It is an attractive offer for legal unities: our jackets and parkas will be perfect company outwear for the employees of natural reserves, national parks and other companies whose employees spend much time outdoors. We will take into account all your wishes and adapt the models in a full accordance with your wishes.

Moreover, very attractive prices are waiting for you when having a gross order. If there are more than 50 jackets or parkas in an order, then the price will be wholesale If you order from 10 to 50 items, then 30% will be added to the wholesale price.

The ideal quality of our products will allow you to renew the uniform of your employees quite seldom! And this is a considerable saving of your funds. We are making the advances and are ready to discuss with you all your wishes.