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June 07, 2018

Hi-Vis (reflective elements) on the clothes is a practical and necessary thing, and at some times it is essential. For those who work during night-time clothes with “Hi-Vis” can literally safe their life. It is very important to apply high quality reflective elements which will “pick” and reflect the light even in minimal illumination.

For you Nordwestfur company offers a model Extreme Winter Expedition – it is a winter model of parka which is furnished with reflective insets on the sleeves. We can also add reflective elements to any part of the parka.

One more pleasant bonus – we can apply “Hi-Vis” to any jacket or parka which is made by our company, For this purpose while making an order you should compulsorily mention where we should apply the reflective elements to. Managers of our company will contact you to specify the details.

Please, note that additional sewing on does not influence the price of a parka or a jacket – you will buy a model by the price mentioned in the catalogue. But the term of the order complementing may be a bit increased: we will definitely discuss all the details with you.

Nordwestfur company uses only high quality materials: even after repeated washings reflective elements will not lose their properties.